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                                                                  Meet Patti Davis

Who would have thought a little elementary girl living in the lower south end of Colorado Springs, being escorted to the church through the bus ministry would have a life parallel to the mission of the early prophets?

As a child, Patti had a rage-aholic mother, struggled in school, and suffered both physical and sexual abuse. But when a neighbor invites her to participate in a children's program at their church, something changes. That local church, filled with complete strangers, soon becomes a sanctuary from her chaotic and unpredictable home life. It was a place where, for a few hours a week, she feels safe.

In spite of being under God's protection, Patti's adult life is a series of struggles. Her marriage to her high school sweetheart leads to heartache. She receives a devastating health diagnosis, followed by a life-changing car accident. But even though health, relationship, and financial hardship, God remains faithful in her life.

For anyone who wonders what purpose God has in their troubles, Patti's gripping testimony of a woman who received comfort in the midst of wounding, and a new outlook during sever trial, will forever change their perspective on adversity.

After graduating from Nazarene Bible College in 1984 with a degree in women's Studies, Patti Davis went on to serve as women's ministry director for several church fellowships and as a retreat and conference speaker. She's been a volunteer for a Prison Fellowship and the National Cancer Society's Reach to Recovery program for breast cancer patients. She has also worked as a teacher for Celebrate Recovery's twelve-step program and nonmedical companionship for in-home elderly care. A resident of North Carolina, she enjoys flower gardening, entertaining, eating chocolate, and watching a good movie with a big bowl of buttery popcorn. Her three children have blessed her with nine fun-loving grandchildren.

                         Patti Is a Confident & Effective Public Speaker

     To know Patti is to love her. Her warm spirit and true devotion to God is infectious. Her laugh and ability to listen with genuine interest helps you know that she really cares about you and wants you to know that Jesus paid it all and He will provide you an answer to any of life's challenges and obstacles.

       Her understanding of life and how we have to remember our source of strength is what makes her such a powerful and dynamic speaker. She breaks topics down to bite sizes that you can immediately utilize to get on track with your relationship with Christ. The situations she has encountered in life make her the person to provide inspiration and direction because she has lived it and is still living it every day.

       Listening to Patti coach and uplift her audience is beautiful. She uses humor and Scripture to help each person connect with the Word and with "her" God, as she often says. She will have you laughing and crying at the same time. When you understand what she endured and that she's still standing, you can't help but reevaluate your own life and say that "if she can do it, so can I." I tell her often that I would have been pushed over the edge if I had experienced just half of what she has encountered.

     I've been fortunate enough to have known Patti for over twenty years, and I'm still amazed at her love for Jesus and her strides to continue lifting people up. She encourages them to press forward and never give up. You'll enjoy her book as you read each page, but if you want to experience her energy, invite her to your next retreat, workshop, or conference. She has so much to offer, and your audience will be motivated and unafraid to put Jesus in the driver's seat and truly follow His lead.


                                                                                                                                                                                               Deborah L. Hendrix

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