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My Story
            Your Hope
                        God's Glory


"Who would have thought a little elementary girl living in the lower south end of Colorado Springs, being escorted to church through the bus ministry would have a life parallel to the mission of the early prophets?


I was called by God at an early age to store up comfort. The world is full of comfortless hearts and God set it in my spirit that I was sufficient for the ministry. But first I had to be trained and my training was costly in the extreme because I had to pass through the same afflictions that were wringing countless hearts to tears. Now my life has become a hospital ward where I teach the art of comfort to the wounded. In the same way God wrapped my wounds, I have learned to render first aid to the wounded everywhere. I tell them how I ‘ve suffered and how I was comforted by the God of my life. Satan used a variety of experiences to rewrite my life story; rearrange my character; leave physical scars on my body and even end my life. But I let God have the last word. I don’t just have a story about my sufferings … I have a powerful testimony about my resurrection from dead dreams and hopes.


I am alive in Christ.


I married my high school sweetheart and we had three precious children. Our adult children have blessed us with nine grandchildren. After twenty-three years of abuse we divorced and I have remained single.  My life is filled with the love and laughter of family and friends. My speaking engagements have allowed me to travel the country recording some amazing photos. When I’m not traveling, I’m home enjoying yard-work, floral and jewel design, baking my famous carrot cake and watching a good movie with a big bowl of buttered popcorn.


Life is good!"

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