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Peace In The
Pressure Cooker

Patti was trained up in the church of the Nazarene through the bus ministry and graduated from Nazarene Bible college in 1984 with a diploma in women's studies.  She served as women's ministry director for several church fellowships and has been a motivational speaker since graduating from Bible college.

Patti has served the community as a volunteer for the national Cancer society "Reach To Recovery",  a program for breast cancer patients.  She also was a volunteer for prison fellowship, a teacher for celebrate recovery 12-step program and offers non-medical companionship for in-home Alzheimer's patients.

She is passionate in her effort to direct women in all seasons of their life. You will hear her speak with courage and tenacity about God's amazing ability to reveal himself through life's darkest moments.

Patti has developed a powerful formula for living life as an empowered warrior. She's overcome many of life's challenges; physical and sexual abuse, breast cancer, divorce, single parenting, living with chronic pain and a brain injury from an auto accident.  Along with living with depression and homelessness.

With a backdrop of biblical teaching and humor, Patti imports her message of encouragement, faith and ultimate peace from her life experiences.

She lives in North Carolina.  Her three children are grown and have blessed her with 9 fun loving grandchildren. She enjoys floral gardening, entertaining in her home, photography, chocolate more than shopping and watching a good movie with a big bowl of buttered popcorn!

New Book 
Coming Winter 2023


“Her book is about someone who’s been healed and is now in love with life” Glenda, AZ


“Patti’s book challenged me to face whatever it is that is pressurizing my life and to equalize the pressure from the inside. She has a powerful testimony of a woman who lets God fill up her circumstance with his peace.” Amber, NC


“I can relate to much of what she wrote about her mother, her husband and her trials. I’m proud of her beyond words for the strength and courage that lifted off the pages of the book as she tells her story to the world. She inspired me to keep believing. I plan to use your words of wisdom.” Latasha, CO


“Oh, what a great book. This is an easy read. With a cup of coffee and a quiet house you can read this lil’ keeper in just a few hours. What makes this such a good book is that it is so REAL, everyone can identify with Patti. Not necessarily because you have ever experienced the hardships she has endured, but because you can identify with her. She has such a sweet spirit that comes through the pages of this book, so much that you can’t put it down.” Melody, FL


“Patti has definitely lived through more than the average women but she never fails to give God the glory for every good thing. So, what makes this book such a great read isn’t that she has endured hardships, it’s because she has lived to talk about it and she talks about it in such grace that you feel you are a personal friend of hers by the time you finish reading her book.” Debbie, CO


“This book assures you that no matter what you may be experiencing right now, it’s not the whole story. There is hope, there is peace. You will find encouragement on the pages of this book. I have had the pleasure of meeting Patti a few times and believe me, you would never know of any of the things she talks about in her book from just meeting her. She does not live in a perpetual pity party, she lives with vitality and is down to earth, a very pleasant person to be around.” Jill, CO


“Life truly can be a ‘pressure-cooker’ at times …. reading how someone suffered and survived and better yet, beat it is always an amazing way to boost one’s positive energy.” Tari, CA


“She seems to be a very strong and powerful woman!” Nenna, AZ

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