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“There was so much that struck me as I heard Patti speak. It’s very rare to see someone who has over come the challenges she has, yet still see joy and peace in their life.”  Nicki, MA


Patti has shown me exactly what it looks like to love our God with passion, intimacy and trust. She also showed me what it looks like to just hold on, as she grasped tight, pushed back, and found peace despite the extreme pressures life brought.”  Sharon, CA


“I love her straightforward, clear manner as she speaks. She is forgiving and gracious to those who hurt her, and she points the audience to her source of forgiveness and strength – Jesus. Patti is a resilient, faith-filled woman.”  Marty, FL


“What a personable speaker she is and she carries a significant message to women in all seasons of life. She breaks topics down to bite sizes that you can immediately utilize to get on track with your relationship with Christ.”  Deborah, CO


“I heard the most amazing lady speak today. Patti was insightful, knowledgeable, humorous, loving and kind. She loves God and he shined through her. Everyone saw Him because of her.”  Jennifer, GA


“Patti speaks with an honesty that I could relate to. She is authentic and vulnerable. I kept finding myself nodding my head as she spoke today ... I could so identify with her feelings. Her honesty was very refreshing.”  Amy, PA


“I admire her strength, courage, faith and her ability to forgive … I have difficulty in these areas. Today I found faith do-able.”  Sharon, NJ


“Don’t be a whiner; be a warrior,” Patti said as she “flexed” her muscles in an Atlas pose, a bit amusing since she stands just 5 feet tall. If anyone has a right to whine, it would be her. But she refuses to sit in the victim’s chair. Instead, she stands up and speaks up as an overcoming warrior of faith.”  Ruth, CO

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