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Take The Wheel

Set your butt down in the driver's seat of your own life. Take the wheel, adjust the rearview mirror, fasten the seat belt, and get moving. Set the dial on your radio to the gratitude station and observe how gratitude will take some of the bumps out of the road.

Stop allowing other people to place you in the backseat of your own car and then take control of you. Tell them to pull over at the next rest stop - then tell them to get out of your car.

Stop hiding in the trunk of your car too afraid to view the unknown ahead of you on the road. Stop hiding there because of past mistakes or wounds. You need to stick your head out the window. Let the fresh air clarify your thoughts and allow the wounds to heal.

Stop sleeping in your car under a shade tree where you feel it's safe. Drive into a brand-new day with confidence that the past has no power over you.

Begin your road trip today. Look with fresh eyes through the windshield at all the possibilities before you. Move forward with the help of God. Refuel your faith.

Have a great trip, Patti

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