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Whats your driving force?

What drives you? Are you able to get up each day and activate the energy/fuel needed to maneuver the road in front of you? Or are you just playing it safe and hanging out at the Rest Stop? Worse yet, have you run out of fuel along the side of the road?

Are you enjoying the view from your window? Are you viewing your life through the eyes of a negative world or are you allowing God to set the landscape with his desire for you, his ambition for you, his hope and goals for you? Remember you were His idea in the first place. View your life through his eyes.

Is your backseat empty or do you have people traveling along with you? It'll be a lonely trip through planet earth if you go by yourself. Fill your life with friends who will propel you forward ... if they don't ... simple pull the car over to the side of the road and let them out!

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